Perfect Nails WOOD GEL BRUSH #8

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Regular straight-edge gel builder brush with synthetic bristles.

In sync with nature! Introducing the Wood Brush range designed for professional use, featuring real wood handles. Although the brush head is made of synthetic bristles to facilitate product pick-up and to offer easy cleaning, the wooden handle brings you closer to nature. The streamlined design provides you with an ideal, highly practical tool for salon work.


  • Wider design: Ideal for larger surfaces, longer extensions and for picking up a larger quantity of product.


  • Synthetic bristles: Gel products do not stick to the bristles, making the product slide off more easily, ensuring quick and easy application; the bristles are more durable than natural ones and can be easily cleaned with cleanser.
  • Straight edge: The corners of the edge allow the application of a thin layer of product near the side walls and in the cuticle area, while the straight edge itself facilitates the shaping of the desired even surface.
  • Metallic cap: Protects the bristles from UV light, so the residual product does not cure accidentally; allows vertical storage with bristles down, and protects the bristles from damage during transport.

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