Perfect Nails Top Gel - Extreme Gloss 8ml

EXTREME GLOSS GEL-Flexible, no-cleanse shine top gel

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EXTREME GLOSS GEL-Flexible, no-cleanse shine top gel

Thick, flexible shine gel requiring no cleansing. Forget cobweb-cracks and yellowing of the nail surface with this beautiful glassy shine. Apply the product on lacgel or on any type of nail enhancement as finishing cover shine. The layer will last and retain its gloss for weeks.

Why do we love it? Because it is a Jolly Joker light gel!

  • No fixation

  • Flexible

  • Cures in both LED / UV and UV light

  • It does not turn yellow

  • Bright glitter for weeks

  • Due to its denser consistency, it is more durable and does not flow

  • It is also suitable for covering several nails at the same time

  • Glassy

  • It is also suitable for creating eggshine

  • Recommended for C-arc design, surface leveling

How to use:

During nail sculpting, after grating, the surface should be cleaned from dust and the Extreme Gloss GEL applied in a thin layer. It must be cured afterwards,according to your lamp's capabilities for 1 (LED / UV) or 2 (UV) minutes. It does not require fixing. In gel polishing case, after the second color layer has been painted, apply to the surface and cure with lamp.

CURE TIME: UV 2–3 min., UV/LED 120 sec.



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