LCN Pineapple Refreshing Nail Shot, 11ml

Vegan 11ml Pineapple scented Nail and Cuticle shot with pipette for nourishing the nails and cuticles.

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This water-based Pineapple scented nail shot with pineapple extract is super fruity, super nourishing for nails and cuticles! D-panthenol & glycerine moisturises, nourishes the nails and has a calming effect at the same time! Pineapple extract makes nails shine, protects the nail plate and is rich in vitamins C and E.

· Protects the nail and rebuilds the nail plate
· Deeply nourishing
· Has a calming effect and protects against external environmental influences
· Hygienic & convenient dropper applicator
· Water-based nail jelly with pineapple extract
· Delightful pineapple scent
· Vegan

Apply directly to nails and cuticles.


Can be used daily as needed. Apply the nail oil to the cuticle and plate and massage in.

Tip: Before nail polish is applied, the nails should be carefully washed and dried.

Special ingredients

Pineapple Extract
A truly radiant ingredient rich in vitamins C and E that helps protect and regenerate the nail plate

D-panthenol has a moisture-binding, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and wound-healing effect. Panthenol also strengthens the skin’s barrier function and improves its elasticity. In the case of wounds, cell regeneration is promoted, which is why it is also used for injuries or sunburn.

Glycerin helps to transport and bind moisture into the skin. It works against dry, cracked and itchy skin areas by penetrating the skin and laying a slightly oily protective film on the surface. This makes it perfect for preventing moisture from escaping from the skin and supports more moisture being absorbed. The skin appears smoother, healthier and remains elastic.

Chamomile Leaf Extract
Contains antioxidants that protect against external environmental influences.

Shea Extract
Has a calming effect and protects against external influences such as chlorine or nicotine.

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