Exfoliating cream -LCN - 100 ml

Peeling for the feet with fruity acids, algae extract and green tea. Suitable for all skin types, can be used over feet and legs.

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Apply with damp hand and massage in using circular movements - remove with warm water. Follow your peel with LCN´s Essential Foot care foam for your skin type.

ALGAE EXTRACT: Normalizes the skin´s moisture content and provides suppleness and firmness to the epidermis.

GREEN TEA EXTRACT: Known for its strong anti-inflammatory activity, green tea calms the skin and provides antioxidant protection.

FRUITY ACIDS: Glycolic Acid is from Natural fruit acids (alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs) to rejuvenate the skin by encouraging the shedding of old, sun-damaged surface skin cells. Glycolic acid is the alpha hydroxy acid most frequently used for Glycolic Acid facial treatments but lactic and citric acid are also useful. Fruity acids loosen the glue-like substances that hold the surface skin cells to each other, therefore allowing the dead skin to peel off. The skin underneath has a fresher, healthier look with a more even color and texture.

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