Aquarelle ink Chrome - Ruby - 5 ml

It is a very pigmented liquid from resins, which is applied to the nail with a brush and creates various effects. It is of high quality and harmless to health. Used to create nail art. You can create simple or more complex shapes, flowers, batik-like patt

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  • Simple application
  • It dries in the air
  • Water consistency
  • Can be used on any material (Gel, Polygel, Acrylic, Gel varnish, varnish ...)
  • Due to the high pigmentation, we do not recommend using it on a natural nail
  • In the end, it is always necessary to fix with TOP COAT
  • It is intended for all Nail artists


  1. Create the classic nail modeling you are used to. You can and do not have to wipe the effusion and create your work before applying TOP.
  2. Use Aquarell Inca to create nail art with a brush. Try different methods - painting, tapping ... With the help of a liquid cleaner you can dilute the ink or create various effects directly on the nail.
  3. You can easily combine several colors and create rainbow shapes.
  4. Aquarell ink dries in the air in a few seconds - there is no need to cure it in the lamp. If you use a colored gel, gellak or other product to complement the effect, it needs to be cured.
  5. Finally, coat the whole work with a colorless Top coat, harden in a UV / LED lamp.

ATTENTION! The paint is very thin and very pigmented, take extra care when applying to avoid accidentally soiling the skin or textiles. An adverse reaction is very unlikely, but may occur in case of hypersensitivity to any component. Therefore, stop using the product in case of any irritation.

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