Creative Glue Gel - 4g

Do you still try to fix nail art items on the nails’ surface with Tip Glue? Come and let us show you a much better solution: the Creative Glue Gel by Mystic Nails!

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This unique Glue Gel revolutionizes fixing nail art items on nails, as:

  • all forms and sizes of rhinestones and nail art items can be fixed easily because the gel surrounds the nail art article from the bottom
  • the gel is flexible after cured therefore it grants much more resistance against external impacts
  • it cures through completely even under the nail art item ensuring extremely strong adhesion and endless durability
  • it does not attack and mattifies the rhinestones like normal tip glue does
  • no additional overlay needed on the nail art items therefore they will shine brightly with their original splendour
  • the Glue Gel grants unlimited time to set and move the nail art item in the perfect position as it cures only in UV, LED or CCFL and not in air
  • it is perfect to use on gel polishes, gel and even acrylic nails
  • non-wipe & soak-off gel

Usage: Apply a small amount of Creative Glue Gel on the nail’s surface where you wish to fix the nail art item. (Nail’s surface can be shiny or even matte.) Place the nail art item into the gel and cure in UV/LED/CCFL lamp.

Tip: Extremely big size rhinestones might be fixed with some additional Creative Glue Gel on the sides to ensure better hold.

Curing times:

UV – 2 minutes
LED – 80 seconds
CCFL – 90 seconds


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