Mikrozid 1000 ml

Mikrozid AF Liquid (Surface Disinfectant, 250 ml. / 1l.). The Surface Disinfectant Schülke mikrozid® AF liquid is used for rapid disinfection of medical devices and surfaces with increased risk of infection.

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How to use Mikrozid liquid?


Apply on surface or device quantity of product as needed. Make sure, that device or surface is wet. Then wipe it and allow to take effect. Please note, that all visible dirt should be removed before using Mikrozid product. When using Mikrozid disifection wear protective disposable gloves. Please, do not use this product for critical medical devices. For professional use only. Use this product safely and always read label which you can find on product bottle before use. Do not use for surfaces or items which are sensitive for alcohol. It might cause damages of devices and other items. Also, do not apply more than 50ml of the product in one m². 


Package – we offer different types of packages for disinfection product: you can choose from 1 L bottle and 250 ml spray. 

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